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“Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter—— birth, growth, fading, death—-the wheel turns, on and on.
Ideas are born; projects are consummated; plans prove impractical and die. We fall in love; we suffer loss; we consummate relationships;

we give birth; we grow old; we decay.
The Sabbats are the eight points at which we connect the inner and the outer cycles: where the seasonal, the celestial, the communal, the creative, and the personal all meet. As we enact the drama in its time, we transform ourselves. We are renewed; we are reborn even as we decay and die. We are not separate from each other or from Nature. As the season changes, we arouse the power from within, the power to heal, the power to change our society, the power to renew the Earth.”
Starhawk. The Spiral Dance.

A series of 8. sessions. We will create a supportive circle, inspired by land and seasons, to discover more about ourselves, our rhythms and how we reflect or resist the natural flow.
By marking the day creatively we become more intimately connected to the Earth, and find ways to bring harmony into our lives.

Committing to the complete series is ideal but the workshop is open for individual bookings. 

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