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shamanic guide Lucy Voelcker
Lucy Voelcker

As an Artist, always connecting with the Earth for inspiration, my work has been evolving over the years . Once I observed Nature; then I was drawn to environmental issues. I became consumed by fears for the planet. When carrying my first child (1989) I felt compelled to find a way to create a path into a positive way of being, and into hope, through my work.

Throughout these chapters my relationship with the Earth has become more and more expanded. During a Vision Quest in 1993 I discovered a gateway into the Earth using my voice. On reflection I saw that all these years of focused observation served as a form of meditation and a portal into Spirit. Also that every place on Earth corresponds to a place within.

I have since developed tools in order to Journey more deeply; some influenced by Celtic , Native American, and Indian Traditions and some crafted through experience and imagination. So much has opened for me that I feel bound and stirred to share these things, and assist others to find ways to create change in our lives 

farmer Kai Lange
Kai Lange

As a biodynamic farmer and gardener for over thirty years I am touched by what the land offers to us. Besides healthy food, we are nourished by beauty, colour, sound and smells which  hold us in a dreamlike spell. When we listen to nature and the land, we are moved to engage and become creative. As the potter transforms the clay, the woodworker the tree or the basket maker the willow; the creative gardener and farmer work with landscape, soil, plants and animals. Our creative dialogue may enrich nature rather than exploit. If our hands engage in this way with the land, it will touch our hearts and connect us to the essence of life... I invite others to learn from biodynamic practice; develop their sensibility; and discover a feeling of deep belonging. 

My work is always related to land, living sustainable in harmony with nature, advising and supporting biodynamic farms, managing the biodynamic apprentice scheme UK, teaching biodynamic and land-craft courses

Article by Philip Rush in Chapbook 9.

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