There is no need for you to be botanically knowledgeable, only to trust your imagination and willingness to explore.  Together we seek to discover our own authentic dialogue with Nature. 


Lucy opens the workshop with suggestions and guidance to tap into your senses and imagination in order to meet the chosen plant or tree.

To prepare ourselves we make space to quieten the mind and let go of busy-ness and anxiety. 

Silently we explore the plant where it is growing before sharing our impressions, and what is evoked.

Part of our being together is also to notice the seasons, weather and Nature in all her guises (our inner landscape and moods included)

There’s extended time to revisit the plant, our perception enhanced by shared insight. Some people like to sketch while others may prefer to connect with the plant in other ways which Lucy can help you explore. 

Where practical there will be an opportunity to examine the roots and finer details, for those who wish.

Cake with fresh herb tea (sometimes an infusion of the plant) accompanies further sharing, as well as reflections gathered from the previous month’s plant.

We finish with a guided Journey to seek the Spirit of the plant, to help us discover the particular vibration or Medicine, and to honour and endorse our individual relationship with it.  


What to bring:

Suitable clothes for the weather

Outdoor cushion

Notebook and pencil


The workshops are held from Lucy’s house and garden in Horsley.


You are welcome to book for one session without needing to commit to returning monthly.

For further info or questions:    or   01453 839233   

PLANT DREAMING  group 1. SYLVEN      in Lucy’s garden, Horsley.

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