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1 : 1 SESSIONS  with Lucy Voelcker.                                     4-5 hours           £85                                                  Booking click


 I hold the space for you to connect deeply with Nature & Spirit, and offer guidance in how to nurture that relationship for yourself.
Each session is tailor-made to suit the individual. 

No previous experience is required.
You may come with an issue to explore or allow the process to unfold.  Either way, I will help you to form an Intention to focus the session.

Together we might:
Find tools to connect with the Seasons (inner and outer)
Mark a significant event or new chapter in your life
Call in your Gift 

Address a neglected part of yourself that longs to be given space in a busy life.
Create a regular practice to suit you

Help you to help yourself


You will have space to walk quietly in the beautiful surroundings and time to reflect. This is a key part.

I believe my role is to hold Sacred Space where Nature “speaks” to you, and to mirror your encounter in a way that is helpful to you.

A guided journey and /or Fire Ceremony are offered to deepen insight and bring Intention into being.

We close the time with the act of making, be it creating a talisman or personal mantra as a grounding for Spiritual connection, encouraging you to integrate with your deep wisdom.


These sessions last between 4-5 hrs.

Participants often benefit from returning with each season over the year cycle. ie. if you first come in Spring, returning in Summer, Autumn and Winter for ongoing tracking and development.
I also offer 2-3 hour sessions in journey work and reflection ( a full session is necessary initially) 

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4th - 12th May 2019. Dartmoor.

+ preparation weekend - 16th-17th February Devon or 9th March Nailsworth.

Jeremy Thres & Lucy Voelcker.

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11th - 20th June 2019. Dartmoor.

Rebecca Card & Lucy Voelcker.

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Feedback from sessions .............

Thank you for a beautiful, moving, and expansive day exploring my intention, being with Nature and reflecting with you.

I felt the day was focused, gentle, inspiring and creative. Time flowed and apart from an initial anxiety when we opened the Charkas, I was able to be open and trusting with all that took place.

I very much welcomed your feedback interpreting what I encountered on my walk, and your insight gave me a deeper experience of my journey.

Even though I expected to be resistant around the creative element it was so integrated within the day, and allowed the depth of Intention to materialise through making a form of what turned out to be a beautiful archetypal woman, made from bread dough and rolled in ash from the fire. I felt awakened. I felt I had dug deep, and discovered my own inner wisdom that had lain dormant.

My heart felt thanks and deep appreciation to you.


I loved the day, got a huge amount from it, felt you held the space for me so beautifully. I liked the way it was structured and yet there was space to think and change things. I did not feel you were trammelling me down any particular path but just opened up something that was there within me. As you know I didn’t have any clear ideas about what I had wanted to work on. I loved the ritual, visualisation, incantations and the fire and smoke. I really experienced it as cleansing and purifying in some way as though it was deeply instilling something out of me.

The telling back of the story was very powerful. I loved the way you were so open to share of yourself too, and the fact that at no point did I feel intruded upon, awkward or jarred in any way.

I would very much like to come again.


I came with a vague idea of something I wanted to explore and felt that, with care and precision you translated that into  a clear intention and a journey we embarked on together.  Having not worked in this way before I had felt slightly anxious about the session, but throughout I felt held by you and that you were happy to go at my pace.  I particularly liked the fact that you work with reverence as well as humour as that kept me very connected to you.  I feel you accompanied me to a very intimate and precious place and together we co-created an experience and a feeling state that I can re-visit.  It was a deeply transformative process.  Thank you so much Lucy.